Summertime is the Best Time for Braces

Summertime is a wonderful time of the year where families spend their days by the beach, have backyard barbecues, and schedule visits with their orthodontist. Yes, that’s right, we said schedule visits with their orthodontist. 

If you ask any teen, they’ll probably tell you that there is no good time to get braces, however, summertime is actually the very best time to get braces.

Why Summertime?

1. Time to Adjust - It’s no secret that getting braces can be pretty daunting to the self-esteem of a teenager. Giving them a few months to get used to their braces without being surrounded by their peers at school can make a huge difference in their confidence overall. Similarly, summer helps teens learn important things about wearing and caring for their new braces. For example,
  • Eating a braces-friendly diet.
  • Learning proper brushing and flossing techniques.
  • Feeling comfortable (less pain) with braces on their teeth.
  • Gaining confidence (at ease socially) wearing braces.

2. Time to Break in the BracesAt Hook Orthodontics our orthodontic technologies minimize most of the physical discomfort of getting braces, but young gums and growing teeth can still feel a bit tender shortly after the initial placement and there is going to be an adjustment period after getting braces. Braces can make talking and eating difficult. Braces can also initially disrupt sports or extra-curricular activities like Choir or Band. Summertime is the perfect time to relearn how to do some of those tasks as trying to relearn these things during the school year can make getting braces even more stressful than the process already is for most teens. Plus, being at home will make it easier for teens to deal with initial discomfort, establish hygiene routines, and have easy access to brace-friendly foods.

3. Fewer Responsibilities - Unless you have a summer job, you probably will have far fewer responsibilities than you would during the school year. No homework, no projects, and fewer sports commitments can make scheduling appointments a lot easier for both teens and their parents. Being able to start your appointments when you don’t have to worry about missing class time is a great plan. By the time school starts again, you will have to see the orthodontist less frequently and can find a time to make your appointments that does not disrupt your schedule.

4. Easier to Make an Appointment - During the school year, many orthodontists may be overwhelmed with appointments, making it difficult to start your treatment, especially if you are trying to get an appointment in the limited amount of time in between when school is out and when the office closes. During the summer, however, many offices have more availability, especially because many of their patients may be traveling or on vacation. Summertime is the best time to get braces if the orthodontist you are trying to work with is often fully booked.

5. Easier to Focus on Oral Hygiene - Having a clean mouth is important. It gives you fresh breath and a nicer-looking smile. Braces require you to completely change how your brush your teeth as it is much harder to keep your teeth clean with braces. Food becomes caught in the brackets and between your teeth. When you are tired after a day of school and extra-curricular activities and homework, you might not have the motivation to actually take the care that is required to properly clean your braces and your teeth. However, during the summer, you have more time in the morning and evening to get into the routine of thoroughly brushing your teeth. You’ll also have more freedom to brush and clean your teeth and braces throughout the day, something you might not be able to do while you are in school.

The best time to complete orthodontic treatment is during a child’s maximum growth rate. Most kids will grow for short periods and then go into somewhat of a lag stage until their next spurt. Studies have shown that the greatest of these growth spurts occur during the long days of summer. While researchers are still studying the cause, the most likely reason is pituitary gland factors that relate to the length of the day and increased heat. Whatever the root cause for this growth spurt, the fact is that it’s ideal to get the process started beforehand to ensure that your child’s teeth move into their desired positions while they are growing. 

If you think your child may be in need of orthodontic care, give us a call. If you have any questions or concerns about our practice or any orthodontic procedures, our friendly team will be happy to assist you any way we can.

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