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Four Flavorful Fall Smoothies

With Fall in full swing and with it the hectic holidays just a step further down the road, we thought we’d put together a list of a few fall-themed smoothies that can serve as a great (and easy!) breakfast or after school snack.
Pumpkin Banana Smoothie If you’re a pumpkin fan, this smoothie is for you! While pumpkin is a trendy item, especially this time of year, what you might not know is pumpkin has both fiber and protein which makes for a healthy and filling smoothie.
2 tablespoons canned pure pumpkin5 tablespoons milk2 tablespoons plain Greek yogurt1 banana, frozen½ teaspoon honey⅛ teaspoon cinnamonpinch of nutmeg¼ cup ice
Helpful tip: If you’re finding that you have several over ripened bananas that you aren’t able to eat in time, toss them in a freezer bag! Frozen bananas are the perfect addition to smoothies and help make preparation even easier for those hectic weekday mornings. 
Cranberry, Pear, & Orange Smoothie That’s quite a mouthful, and trust us, you’ll love this nutrient…