Hook Orthodontics: I Hate Social Media

I know, my mom said you should not use the word “hate.” But I really hate social media. Here are the reasons why:

1) You can’t believe everything on the internet. Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews are full of lies. I long for days of old where word of mouth referrals were the gold standard. Paying fees to SEO and consultants are supposed to help place your company on the first few pages of an online search. You can see this when doctors have hundreds on online reviews. It is very common to pay for reviews. I have a tough time getting a few and when a fabulous review is submitted I have noticed that some have been deleted.

2) “Dig a Pony” by The Beatles
Well if you write me a great review on my waiting room computer, your son or daughter could win a pony. Attorney's call that “quid pro quo.”

3) Years ago, it was against the ethical bylaws of many local dental societies to even place an ad in the phone book. Look how far we have come.

I do have a website with an SEO company. Not too fond of having to play this game. The funny thing is I have to pay them to place this on my website.

I also hate liver. Sorry mom.

Dr. Hook


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