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Choosing to get orthodontic care is a big decision for anyone. It means your ready for a lifetime change that will affect your smile in a positive way. At Hook Orthodontics, we understand and respect your reasons for wanting to improve the way you look and feel. Our practice will work with you every step of the way to make sure your orthodontic care is an amazing experience. Our office utilizes the latest technology while offering a variety of safe and gentle treatment options to give you the customized, individual care you deserve.

At Hook Orthodontics, we believe in running a practice, not a business. We will provide all the information and recommendations necessary to parents, for making the best decisions they feel is best for their child or themselves. If a patient is still developing and is not yet ready for treatment, we will recommend the patient be placed into an observation phase where we will follow growth and development to determine the appropriate time for treatment. If not early treatments are necessary, we will not provide treatment. We examen multiple kids in various ages throughout any given day. While we love to work with children, 95% of those we see, do not need treatment.

You still might be wondering what will orthodontic treatment look like for me? What does it entail? How long does it last? Will orthodontic treatment hurt? Is getting braces or Invisalign expensive? We have answered a few of your questions.

In your first visit at Hook Orthodontics, the moment you step foot in our office, is a time for us to get to know you and determine what your main concerns are. We will ease your fears by giving you as much information as needed to help you feel comfortable. Each member of our team is friendly and accessible and we encourage our patients or parents to ask questions. We believe that patients will feel more comfortable if they know what to expect and are well informed of a procedure before it occurs. We try to avoid any unexpected surprises and let each patient know everything we are going to do, before we do it.

At your first visit, you will be greeted by our one of our staff members and given a tour of the office. Initial paperwork will be completed and a complimentary, no obligation orthodontic exam will be done. During this time, we evaluate many things relating to the face, the smile, the fit of the teeth and the amount of room for all of the teeth.

What is the duration of orthodontic treatment?

Braces and Invisalign aligners, may be on between 6 months to 30 months, or in rare instances longer. This depends on the development of the dentition, the severity of the problem, the patient’s cooperation and the degree of tooth movement required. Each patient’s treatment plan differ based on their circumstances and type of orthodontic treatment.

Extraction and Non-Extraction Therapies?

Each treatment is a way to address crowding of the teeth. Extraction therapy is a technique where one or more teeth are removed to make room for the other teeth in the mouth. This is in contrast to non-extraction therapy where one expands a patient’s jaw and/or adjusts the size and shape of the teeth to make them fit within the jaw. Our office’s treatment philosophy is very conservative and we do make every effort to avoid extraction. However, for severe crowding and severe jaw discrepancy the extraction approach may be required.

Is orthodontic treatment expensive? 

Hook Orthodontics is the #1 military provider in Hawaii. We have three locations in Hawaii near military bases, where we accept transfers in orthodontic treatment, meaning we can pick up right where your previous orthodontist left off, including out-of-state transfer patients as well as patients desiring a second opinion. We will prorate the fee in a fair manner.

With three locations around Hawaii (Kailua, Honolulu, Mililani) we are the #1 military provider and Tricare Provider in Hawaii and proudly serves military families stationed on Oahu. Our fees are much less because we believe quality orthodontic health care does not need to be expensive.

When orthodontic treatment is implemented at the proper time, treatment is often less costly than the dental care required to treat the more serious problems that can develop years later. Financing is available and our office offers many payment programs that will meet your needs. We also accept all major credit cards as well as, in addition, many insurance plans now include orthodontics.

Each member of our team is friendly and accessible and we encourage our patients or parents to ask questions. To schedule a free complimentary exam or to discover more answers to your questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at our Honolulu Hawaii office at (808) 261-4696. Be sure to visit us on Facebook and Instagram.


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